CCTV And Access Control

  • CCTV is a reliable, secure and Ubiquitous system

  • Surveillance and remote monitoring

  • Avoid the intrusion and unauthorized access

  • Access Control
    As the name itself implies the purpose and function of the system. Access control can be used to give selective authentication and access to individual.
    Access can be granted by ID Cards, Bio-matric impression, PIN, Code, Password or the combination of some of these. Basically, this is the restriction system for unauthorized individual to enter into the premises.

Time and Attendance System

  • provide you non-manipulated way of attendance system

  • increase the accountability among the employees

  • very effective for detecting and reducing payroll frauds

Intercom System

  • An Intercom protects your interaction with visitors and colleagues directly

  • Provides safe and secure environment

  • A Stand Alone system

  • Independent of the public telephone network

  • Generally place in building and vehicles.

Library Solutions

  • Maintain your relevance

  • Reduce your cost

  • Eliminate repetitive tasks

  • Improve service level

  • Increase turnaround time

  • Use of RFID for item detection

  • Uses Koha Library Software

Other Physical Security Systems

  • Smoke and Fire detectors

  • Automatic barrier with long range reader

IoT Projects

  • The IoT involves extending internet connectivity beyond standard devices, such as desktops, laptops, smartphones and tablets, to any range of traditionally dumb or non-internet-enabled physical devices and everyday objects. Embedded with technology, these devices can communicate and interact over the internet, and they can be remotely monitored and controlled.